Week 2 Canoe Build

Troop 217 builds a a canoe

Starts with two sheets of marine plywood

Templates are laid out and lines are drawn.

1st Mate Phil cuts right down the lines while Admiral Ben, Captain Jack and Ensign Nish assist. In about 1/2 hour the 2nd sheet is cut.

After the cutting was done, the Captain and Admiral join the panels with butt blocks, epoxy and screws.

Panels are now flipped outside up and coated for assembly tomorrow.

Panels are drawn together with a strip of duct tape in the middle, spreaders installed and bow & stern drawn together

Fairing compound is applied to the panel joints. This process took about 1.25 hours in the am.

The assembly is now flipped, seams aligned and duct tape isholding it all together.

After running the inside seams the entire floor is given a coat of resin and the seat is installed.

With th fairing compound applied the assembly is now left to sit till the afternoon.

Here the team is applying the fiberglas strip to the inside seams.

The build team gets their patches

Frank, Ben and Nish bring it in after the launch

Prepping for outside fiberglas

outside glas is done

Sanding in prep for paint

The standard green matched their troop color.

1st Mate Phil routs out the thwart / backrest.

Clamping on the gunnells

A little decoration here...

And there.

Looks like an Old Towne canoe