Starts with 2 sheets of plywood

35 minutes later all the major panels are cut.

1.5 hours after start all the panels are joined and coated

On day two the panels were duct taped together. Tenative color is now Navy and the tentive name for the canoe is 'Son of J'. Nautical names are being given to the builders. The SPL is now Captain Jack, Matt is now the  1st mate. Eric is now the yeoman and Scoutmaster Gary doesn't have a name yet.

Fairing compound is being applied in all the joints. You can now see the temporairy spreaders in place. Thwarts are an option that haven't been decided upon yet.

Troop 87 Canoe build.

Captain Jack and his 1st mate came back later in the day to run the fiberglas strips on the inside and install the seat.

Captain jack pulls the duct tape after the inside is dry.

Jack and Yeoman Eric start stretching out the fiberglas for the outside.

Coating the tape with resin. Finishing up the outside body.

Putting a bevel on the gunnels prior to installation.

Adding the optional keel. This will enhance straight line performance but decrease ease of turning.

Captain Jack and 1st Mate Matt install the gunnels.

Jack preps and smooths an optional thwart.

A 2nd thwart/backrest is added. This is an option.

Some detail work turns into a durable bullnose.

End of Thursday. Ready for a final sand and paint.

One final sanding before the paint.

First coating going on.

First coat done.

Gloss coat done.

An eggshell color was picked for the gunnels.

A scout coin was embedded in the bow plate.

Troop patch laminated on the stern plate.

Finished boat waiting to be launched.

Two sheets of plywood in, one boat out.

And on the way home...hopefully to come back next summer.